This is Chad

Chad is our resident animal expert. There isn’t much he doesn’t know, in a basic sort of way. So many times I’ve found some exotic creature online, and showed it to Chad, only to hear him casually say, “Oh yes, that’s a Shaggy Frogfish, it looks like coral but it’s not, and it has a bit of spine that sticks out of it’s head that it uses as a lure.”

It’s gotten to the point where certain park rangers recognize him, and ask him to “please explain to the group what an owl pellet is.”  We’re very proud.


I took these pictures of him when we went to the pasture the other day, and getting him to smile was no problem whatsoever.


You should have heard him “singing in” the animals–a warbly, treble rendition of “As We Stumble Along” from The Drowsy Chaperone! The horses certainly came running.  So did the cow, though we didn’t want it; it stank of wild garlic cud.







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