The Bi-Annual Pilgrimage (Spring Edition)

Because otherwise how would we see our favorite people?  I mean, Doctor D. ought to count as a distant uncle, or something.


This trip was really a breeze. As far as we know, we didn’t nearly die going or coming, so that was nice.  (One time our transmission died on a dangerous hill/curve combination, and we had to walk a 1/4 mile in the rain and mud and dark, along the roaring interstate to the WV welcome center, where we spent an uncomfortable couple hours before being bailed out by a church friend’s father.)

Doctor D.  was his new usual affable self–the way he’s been since her last hospitalization. Yes, there’s a story. No, we’re not telling it.

The Professional Opinion and General Consensus  was “no surgery this year”, which is good because it gives Katya more time to grow. She’s been growing a lot. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Usually we have to wait a long while before being brought back to be seen, but Dr. D’s office was running ahead of schedule (!), so much so that we were walking out of the appointment two minutes after it was supposed to begin.  It pays to be there thirty minutes early, folks.


We got out there in such good time that we had ample time to meander down to the cafeteria and eat a leisurely lunch before seeing Dr. Repka. It was Meatless Monday, so I had peanut curry, which was really quite good!

I have a lot of pictures from Dr. Repka’s, so I will give that it’s own blog post. Cheers!





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