Katya’s Lunches

For the past 6 years of Katya’s school career, certain tasks have been designated.  Until very recently, every school day Kristina has made Katya’s lunch, Daddy has made her breakfast, I have dressed and combed her, and Mum has run the last minute check to make sure binder, lunch, waterbottle, and i-pad are in order. But two weeks ago, due to irreconcilable differences of opinion between my client (Katya) and myself, things got shuffled somewhat, and I switched departments, from Fashion Consultant to Chief Lunch Packer. So far I’d say it’s been a success. Kristina much prefers laying out clothes at night, and laying in bed while Katya puts them on, and I enjoy packing lunches.

Tomorrow’s menu;

  • Two pickles wrapped with nitrate free ham, goats cheese, mayo, and tortilla
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Organic snap pea crisps
  • Fresh Fruit*
  • Juice box


*Lets take a moment here to appreciate the fruit, shall we?

In the container, which is two and a half inches high, we have

  • 1 cara-cara orange
  • 3/4 banana
  • 1 kiwi
  • 3 or so strawberries


She will eat it all.


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