The Case With My Case

This is my violin case.

It’s a trusty Concord 2205EX Concert Oblong. It does the job, and fits my violin like a dream. It’s also 7.5 lbs empty.


I collect pins, and since I’ve been doing it since about 2014, I’d better start telling you about them before I forget everything.

Meet the pin that started it all;


a cute Reading Octopus from boygirlparty.   I got it at Bink Davies in Columbus, late winter of 2014.  I like to read, I like to drink tea–those these days I prefer iced–and so it suited me.  Of course, it was kinda lonely looking, just one spot of color on all that black. So like the person who begins with one child–or puppy, as the case may be– I had to get it some company, yes?

To be continued.


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