The Case With My Case; The Bike

Welcome back to The Case With My Case, third installment.


My third button, which is a stand in.


A dear friend offered us the use of her beach house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is a charming place–  recently built with large windows, dappled lighting, second-floor porches, and the original cottage still attached with it’s vintage sleeping loft, which was filled with dark corners, decaying varnish, abandoned toys and yellowing books, old camp cots, and the breeze and sound of pine trees and the lake. The old, and the new.

Vacation Brimley MI 206.JPG

The Dear Friend, whom Chad and Kristina now call “Grandma Lynn”, took us out to Mackinac island, which was beautiful, and is a favorite memory of the trip.  She and Chad, Kristina, and I biked around the island. Katya and mum and dad opted for the horse drawn tour, because though Katya can ride bike she wasn’t reliable to stay with us. Besides, helmets don’t really fit her oddly shaped head.  It was the most beautiful bike ride I’ve ever been on. Right before we left the island, I found a perfect pin at the little grocery store. It was the right size, and said “I Biked Mackinac Island” and had a bicycle on it. Unfortunately, it was sold in a gumball machine type dispenser, which wasn’t working. So I was forced to leave it behind. I felt dissapointed the whole rest of the trip. There were no other good buttons, and I really had wanted a souvenir.  On our way home, we swung by Trader Joes. I walked to Bink Davies, and found this button. It consoled me, somewhat.

The pin is designed by Gemma Correll, and says on it.

To be continued.

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