What Katya Ate for Lunch

I picked up this cute container in Japan to use for Katya’s school lunches.  Kristina is usually in charge of packing Katya’s lunch, but she was at a sleepover last night (at a hotel! Oooh, fancy!) and so I helped mum with Katya’s lunch.  Guess what’s in this container? I’ll tell you:

Most of a syrupy sweet Mango.

A whole cutie orange, segmented.

A handful of red grapes.

A whole kiwi.

A handful of blueberries.

A handful of raspberries.


It was very heavy for it’s size!

Katya said it was very good.


WaterColor Card

Since my neck and shoulders have been bothering me lately, making violin practice and sewing uncomfortable during and painful afterwards, I have taken up a new hobby–watercolor.

This is not my first painting, nor my best, but it is the only one I have a picture of. I am pleased with it because I was able to put in a river–a first for me–and because it  is going to my Great Grandmother. I feel like I’ve watercolored pictures for her before in my youth. Ah, the days of slopping Crayola paint onto printer paper.  I don’t really miss the bubbling paper, but I did miss painting.

Katya and Chad being cute 001.JPG