The Case With My Case; The Music Man

In which I tell you about the pins on my violin case. This episode; The Music Man


Do you know him? There really isn’t much to tell.  He’s blue, and wears headphones, and he really likes music. He happens to live in Druey Lane.


The pin is from David & Goliath (no relation to the Biblical characters)

The Case With My Case; The Robot

Welcome back to TCWMC! I’m doing a blog series about the pins on my violin case.


When I was younger, my health wasn’t very good, and it really messed up my emotional regulation, and made dealing with even the minor stresses of every day life very challenging.  “Do Not Self Destruct” was, and is, a timely and pertinent message.




The Case With My Case; The Bike

Welcome back to The Case With My Case, third installment.


My third button, which is a stand in.


A dear friend offered us the use of her beach house in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is a charming place–  recently built with large windows, dappled lighting, second-floor porches, and the original cottage still attached with it’s vintage sleeping loft, which was filled with dark corners, decaying varnish, abandoned toys and yellowing books, old camp cots, and the breeze and sound of pine trees and the lake. The old, and the new.

Vacation Brimley MI 206.JPG

The Dear Friend, whom Chad and Kristina now call “Grandma Lynn”, took us out to Mackinac island, which was beautiful, and is a favorite memory of the trip.  She and Chad, Kristina, and I biked around the island. Katya and mum and dad opted for the horse drawn tour, because though Katya can ride bike she wasn’t reliable to stay with us. Besides, helmets don’t really fit her oddly shaped head.  It was the most beautiful bike ride I’ve ever been on. Right before we left the island, I found a perfect pin at the little grocery store. It was the right size, and said “I Biked Mackinac Island” and had a bicycle on it. Unfortunately, it was sold in a gumball machine type dispenser, which wasn’t working. So I was forced to leave it behind. I felt dissapointed the whole rest of the trip. There were no other good buttons, and I really had wanted a souvenir.  On our way home, we swung by Trader Joes. I walked to Bink Davies, and found this button. It consoled me, somewhat.

The pin is designed by Gemma Correll, and says on it.

To be continued.

The Case With My Case; The Chickadee

Welcome back to The Case With My Case, second installment.


This is my second pin, bought to keep my Reading Octopus company.


It’s just a Chickadee. But it’s charming simplicity pleased me.  Like Reading Octopus, it also was designed by Susie Ghahremani, and I purchased it in Bink Davies. Bink Davies is in the happy position of being a few minutes brisk walk from Trader Joes, which means that while Katya is happily scanning groceries, we can dash across and see what’s up. For awhile they had tiny 1/2″ pins there, which is why I have so many at that size.

Now of course, the button bug had bit, which is why this series is continued.

The Case With My Case

This is my violin case.

It’s a trusty Concord 2205EX Concert Oblong. It does the job, and fits my violin like a dream. It’s also 7.5 lbs empty.


I collect pins, and since I’ve been doing it since about 2014, I’d better start telling you about them before I forget everything.

Meet the pin that started it all;


a cute Reading Octopus from boygirlparty.   I got it at Bink Davies in Columbus, late winter of 2014.  I like to read, I like to drink tea–those these days I prefer iced–and so it suited me.  Of course, it was kinda lonely looking, just one spot of color on all that black. So like the person who begins with one child–or puppy, as the case may be– I had to get it some company, yes?

To be continued.

On the Occasion

On the occasion of Chad’s birthday, we celebrated with Texas Sheet Cake, and presents.

Chad's BD 2017 (2)

The microscope was a huge hit, as was the extra bouncy bouncy ball, the Oh!Snap game, and the Lego t-shirt.

Chad's BD 2017 (16)

Now we’ve got two twelve year olds.

Katya’s Lunches–Pasta Salad and Fruit

After a week of tinned soup lunches assembled by the seat of our pants–no one was feeling well this week–I thought Katya should have something nicer.  So she got,

  • Pasta salad. Leftover pasta, five odd cherry tomatoes found in the fridge, most of a mini cucumber (I ate a few slices) five or six Kalamata olives, leftover marinara chicken, and soft goats cheese.  Strongly flavored, and quite good. I used a container I bought in Japan, and it holds about 2 cups.
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • V8 juice
  • The last pack of organic fruit snacks.

All left in the refrigerator overnight to help the ice-pack along. These days are more and more like summer.