Graduation and Musings

I officially Graduated on Monday night. I didn’t have to wear a cap or gown–hate me some mortarboards– and there were cupcakes. It was a small gathering put on by the home-school group. Just us five graduates, our families, and some close friends.  My best friend drove 2hrs to be there.  I wore my white Ukrainian blouse, a thrifted gray skirt, and for a belt–a piece of teal silk I had on hand.

Grad 3
The graduation class, lightly edited.

So now we’re done with High School, which is weird.

My violin teacher  sat me down at my lesson this Wednesday and had me write up a list of goals– no “I dunno’s” or “Maybe’s” allowed– either “Yes” or “No”.  I wasn’t allowed to base my answers on what I thought possible, but what I really wanted. He said that,

‘Our ultimate goal is Godly joy and happiness, which is not based on circumstances but in fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for our lives. If we are moving in the direction we think God wants us to go, it is easy for God to direct us. When we sit still and do nothing, we become depressed and unmotivated.’

It was really difficult to stop thinking of all the ways things weren’t possible, and to just admit to what I want. I felt vulnerable, because I’m afraid of not getting what I want, and it feels safer to only want what I think I can have.  I wonder if that limits my faith in God? But you know, I do feel better. More energy, somehow, like the feeling I get when I find where I am on a map. Mr. S. said I am allowed to change the list, add to it, erase it, start over– every day if I want. But I have to have a list, and read that list every day.


“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”~Lewis Carroll

Graduation 2

I’m blogging again, that’s a good thing. I haven’t wanted to in a long time. I had nothing to say. After this post is up, I’ll practice my violin– something else I haven’t really wanted to in a long time. I want to move up a book, you know, and it will take an hour and fifteen minutes a day to do it.  Weirdly enough, I’m excited. I haven’t felt anticipation for *life* in a long time. It’s good to be back. It’s good to be moving.

Katya and Yurtle the Turtle

My science teacher has sent home specimens. Frogs, perch, and a turtle. Katya has been fascinated by it all. She prefers her animals dead, you see. She would never touch a live frog, or fish, or turtle, but dead=safe, so we’ve been encouraging her to look at the specimens, tying in the correlation between the animal’s body parts and her own.

Today Katya and I examined the turtle, which she enjoyed. Afterwards I asked Katya to pose. She really, really tried,


even though she didn’t feel like it. 082

But she thought of something funny–me, probably–and smiled.087

May Yurtle the Turtle rest in peace.083

Crocheted Cosmetic Pads

It was something to do in a bit of spare time. I used scraps of some organic cotton from Knitting Notions ( 005

I don’t use much makeup myself, and so have no idea if these would stain if called upon to remove anything pigmented, but they work quite well for dabbing apple-cider-vinegar on my face. I sewed a hang loop on one, so that I can air-dry it. The square pad will have a loop as well, when I can figure out what I want to put on it.

Pictures of a Deer Skeleton, Guest Blog by Chad

My big sister Charity told me that she saw a deer skeleton. I wanted to investigate further and take a picture or two. Feb. 21-March. 1 015

Feb. 21-March. 1 005

And my big sister Charity told me there was dogs out there. I wore sunglasses out there the first time, because those dogs are cowards, and big eyes scare them. You’ll see a picture of one of the dogs down below.

Feb. 21-March. 1 019

Feb. 21-March. 1 022

A few weeks later when the snow melted I wanted to see the deer skeleton again, so I went out there with my big sister Charity’s camera.  Three deer skeleton pictures are down below.238 242 247

I saw a lot more bones.

The End

Sunday Dinner

Mum thought I should post Sunday’s lunch, because it was so very good.Feb. 21-March. 1 048

It was Chicken and Spike seasoning; Romaine Salad with Bell Peppers and Tomatoes; Sweet Potatoes Rubbed with Olive Oil and Salt; and Asparagus Sautéed with Bacon and Garlic.

Daddy made the Chicken, Kristina made the Salad; I rubbed the Potatoes and made the Asparagus.

Mother said the Asparagus was the best she’d ever eaten.

Feb. 21-March. 1 044

Not to toot my own horn, but, well, “Toot! Toot!”