And a Skirt to Match

I did this one in a full day, not counting cutting out. And I rushed! I wanted to wear it on Sunday with Katya.  I actually shed tears over this project. A mishap with the piping. >sigh< That’s what fray-check is for, I guess.

This is the concept sketch. I did it some time ago, and would have put it up, but I finished the skirt so fast I didn’t have time.  The skirt isn’t exactly like the sketch: instead of one flap with two buttons, I made two flaps with one button each.

I was *going* to put a brown panel in the front, to protect against staining, but it somehow got flipped.

Photo cred. goes to mum. My skirt is twisted just a bit too far to the right, but oh well.  It was really cold and blustery out, and we were both hurrying.

The pattern is my Mock Wrap Skirt, adapted from Heather Ross’s “Weekend Sewing“‘s “Yardsale Wrap Skirt”.

Button detail.  One button flap is functional, the other is not. If I hadn’t been rushing, I would have made a button-hole for the non-functioning one, as well, but as I said, I rushed. The facing wasn’t even stitched down in this picture, just held down with tailors tacks, with the tails left long and knotted.

I have heaps of the polka-dot fabric left, so I’m going to make Kristina “A skirt to match”, as well.   So much to do, so little motivation.


2 thoughts on “And a Skirt to Match

  1. Such a pretty skirt! The brown makes it look so “autumny” and cosy. Looking forward to see photos of Kristina’s matching skirt too! can’t you make a little scarf or something for your sweet mother as well out of the polka dots? To make you all match :-)


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