Valentine’s Day

We’ve spent our holiday quietly.  Yesterday I passed my drivers test (Yay!) and Katya had a party at school. When we told her she was going to have a party at school, she was distressed, until we explained it would be a small party. Due to the many special needs and food allergies represented at her school, they don’t do food or candy at their parties, so Katya came home with her bag loaded with Valentines, stickers, and other cute things. She wore this skirt, from “Sew Sweet Handmade Clothes for Girls” by Yuki Araki. Here’s the link to the other skirt I made. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit)IMG_2942

Katya’s party hair, hastily taken.



Katya was very personable and “age ten” after school, and was game to take some selfies.



Today was spent more quietly, with a sleep in and then cleaning. I made rice-crispy treats with red sprinkles. It was nice and quiet. So quiet that instead of putting on my noise-reducing headphones and listening to music all evening, I sat on the couch and read a library book– “The War that Saved My Life” by Kimbery Brubaker Bradley. I thought it was topping, with a true-to-life depiction of the terror of learning to trust.

Then I popped popcorn and we watched “The Boxcar Children”. As you can see, we decorated our tree for Valentine’s Day.  Katya made the heart with eyes.IMG_2953

It was a nice day.


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