A Fine-Arts Experience

Katya’s school helped organize a sensory-friendly concert. The program was “Ferdinand the Bull”, and “Peter and the Wolf”. Both were accompanied by an orchestra and narrated, and the latter was a ballet!


The venue had gone to lengths to make the morning a fun one. They had a story-board * available online; the noise level was just right; you were allowed to switch seats and move around; there were crafts in the lobby; and even two of the bathrooms had been switched to be “family”.


Chad loved it all, and especially enjoyed Ferdinand the Bull. He was so into it, I wish you could have seen him!060

Katya seemed to prefer the ballet. Her favorite character was the Duck; Chad’s was the Cat.

Here we are being introduced to the villainous Wolf.


We had a real good time.

*A story board is a board or book, usually with pictures, that explains how an event should go. Like the “My First Trip to the Dentist” books you can find at the library, only more individualized. A story board would have pictures–if at all possible–of the *actual* dentist’s office and staff your child would be seeing.


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